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I thrive on creative development and strive for strategic planning that maximizes viewership and boosts engagement.   


Many of my best work is done alongside talented editors, graphic designers, audio engineers, location or studio crews that I proudly give credit to and share credit with– ideation may start with a solo act of pen to paper* but the resulting (often award-winning) content comes with intentional collaboration.  


I officially started this career as a student board operator and on-air host at NPR affiliate 88.5FM  before becoming a television production assistant, associate producer, writer/producer and other supervisory roles at 3 media corporations plus various production companies.  


So far in my personal and professional journey I’ve lived in 2 countries and 7 states with travels to 6 additional countries and 18 states.  While there’s no place like home, there’s also nothing that matches inspiration from outside one's comfort zone.  Harnessing experiences and insight along with new information means there is never a dry well to draw for content creation. 

*I’m no luddite but nothing defeats writer’s block better than jotting or sketching in a notebook.

(Running works too... just no hills).  




TWC, History Channel, Discovery, HGTV, PBS, 

writer, post producer, field producer, supervisor, interviewer, researcher, development one-sheets & pitch decks of single episodes, series, and specials

working knowledge in Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid, various video capture cameras & gear

Creative Services & Program Production

FLN/DIY/Cooking Channel

The Weather Channel

Turner Classic Movies

:10 ID's, :15 / :30 / :60 spots, campaigns

2-10min shorts, interstitial programming & originals

40-90min original shows and docu-series 


conception/pitches, writing, project management, directing, production, post (audio, video, gfx editing), deliverables

podcast development, digital shorts/series

Miami University

Oxford, OH

BS | Mass Communication

Minor | Art History

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