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interviews. archive (AMPAS) 

film shoot. researcher/writer/producer

city. Los Angeles / New York 

Robert Benton (director/screenwriter)

Polly Bergen (actress)

Stephen Frankfurt (art director)

Loren Janes (stunt)

Piper Laurie (actress)

Connie Stevens (actress)

Paul Mazursky (director)

Mariette Hartley (actress)

Ben Gazzara (actor)

Robert Vaughn (actor)

Eli Wallach (actor)

Eddie Bracken (actor)

Earl Holliman (actor)

Jean Butler (author/actress)

Ken Annakin (director)

Jeff Corey (actor)

Ted Berkman (writer)

HD shoot. AP/interviews, series pre & post-production

city. Atlanta / Los Angeles

Jeremy Northam

Luke Perry

Billy Bob Thornton

Dwight Yoakam

James Garner


film shoot. PA / shows

city. Atlanta

Anthony Quinn

Charlton Heston

Debbie Reynolds

Betty Hutton

Maria Cooper Janis

HD shoot. scripted hosted intros / series producer, pre & post production

city. Atlanta

The Essentials


It took a team from creative services, art directors, and studio production crew to schedule and shoot the series but my brilliant editor Michael Dangerfield and I came up with a cutting style and edit treatment that set the post-production standard (and workflow) for this series.  

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