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Iron Chef Japan

producer/art direction. 

successfully attract new (and younger) viewers with on-brand revitalization of an iconic cooking series.

raw talent


minimal props, strategic lighting, and light script to guide but ultimately let the talent shine in a series of ID's... here's a quick look at the process before it went to edit/post.  



2 major media brands share the screen for a fun and visually impactful series of promos... and we made magic happen at all stages of production! From gaining WDWR script approval with minimal changes (and many "must-haves") to having < 2hrs to shoot in 4 locations before the parks were opened to the public, it's one of my favorite projects from start to finish.    



tasked to write for HCJr. in the aftermath of a national disaster, I aimed for a hopeful tone and thoughtful call to action (edited in FCP). While the url is no longer active, the Musicians Village neighborhood remains.

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