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Star of the Month. research / write / interview / post-produce

Michael Caine honors Cary Grant. 

1x pre-interview where Mr. Caine shared stories-- once calling me Lucy (Liu, who he's worked with and said was wonderful)-- that led to ​an approved script and stellar VO recording session for this unconventional retrospective. 

I then worked with one of my favorite editors, Carlton, to utilize stills and approach film clips in dynamic ways (after all, we were dealing with very iconic imagery that has already aired many times on the network!). 

Bill Irwin honors Harold Lloyd. 

Mr. Noodle left Sesame Street for Varick Street to shoot this on-camera tribute! Mr. Irwin's a consummate professional and a joy to interview (all while  physically demonstrating his immense range and film knowledge).  

While I didn't "write" this piece, I produced and conducted the interview with the goal of presenting a silent film star as if viewing a sporting event... featuring Mr. Irwin as play-by-play (and color) announcer.  

writer-producer. scripts / digital content / press

script & content development/writer.  

post-production (graphics & edit) script rewrites. 

The Weather Channel

History Channel

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DIY Network

SOS: How to Survive (2 seasons)

Modern Marvels (1 season)

Sins & Secrets (1 season)

Love It or List It (9 seasons)

Property Brothers (2 seasons)

I Want That...! (4x specials)

writer. marketing collateral / digital content / press

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